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Kazi Oliver
African Percussionist

The Transforming Power 
of African Drumming

Drumming is a fun way to strengthen concentration, heighten clarity, and sharpen listening, memory and social skills.  Drumming also relieves tension and builds stamina. Spiritually, African drumming is a catalyst for personal power and creative expression, also helping to promote cultural awareness and community bonding.

If you're looking for a program to honor authentic African rhythms and culture, look no further than Kazi Oliver. A master drummer in every sense of the word, Kazi sees the drum as a powerful tool for unity and harmony, cutting through all ages, religions, races, cultures and gender.  He has appeared on ABC-TV with Barbara Walters, on PBS, at M.I.T. in Boston, at the World Trade Center, and at the Museum of Modern Art in  New York City. He has also conducted classes, workshops and residencies for youths and adults in public and private schools, summer camps, colleges, community centers, organizations, corporations and homeless shelters. 

Kazi is available for performances and workshops, events and individual instruction in African drumming and singing or the Kazi Oliver Drummers and Dancers, a multi-cultural, intergenerational ensemble featuring traditional African drum rhythms, dances and songs.  Performances are entertaining, educational, fun ... a dynamic, interactive display of cultural celebration.

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